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About Our Company

I.A.T.W. in Mineral Wells, Texas is a family-oriented business headed by Paula Cooks, and supported by her children and grandchildren. The company was built on the foundation of Paula's dream of inspiring others through customized shirts and more.

Our Inspiration

Mommy P represents how a mother shows love and brings people together through her divine aspiration. We wanted to take this notion into society as a way to bring Mommy P's hospitality from our household to yours.

We want you to enjoy the services that we have to offer. Our aim is to make you feel like more than a guest but a part of the family.

We Love Creating Products for You

Paula Cooks, CEO

Our leader of the family and business is Paula Cooks. She is a strong and dedicated member of the family that has made it her mission to spread God's word.

Her work includes writing numerous books that can be found and purchased on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and CreateSpace. Read her books, and you will truly be inspired. Just click on  www.createspace.com, www.amazon.comwww.barnesnoble.com to make an order. 

More About Paula: Books Information